About me

My Life Story

Hi, I’m KK Circle. I am the founder and author of this website with vision “Helping Small or Home Business Successes”.

I lived in Hong Kong where is a Special Administrative Region of China. I have been in the Information Technology nearly 20 years. I am too old ?…may be..:-)  Following photo is taken in 2015.

In 2008,  I started my Internet business and felt that Internet has the power to change the world and the truth is also showing the trend it goes now.

My Hobbies

I like run my Internet Business online by using the skill of Internet Marketing that is really I great method save much of my time.

My 2nd hobby is watching Heart Touching Movies, Micro-Films or video clips such type of the video can make me work smart with warm heart.

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What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

In my opinion, the future of Affiliate Marketing will be changed a lots due to the Internet change our daily live.

The affiliate marketing industry has, over the years, undergone numerous changes that have variably affected the key players. Regardless of the permutations, it has been seen as a cornerstone of online business through the effectiveness of blog-based and PPC content marketing. Nevertheless, the future of affiliate marketing has raised quite a stir with market players predicting different trends. As much as it may be difficult for anyone to tell the future precisely, some developments should be obvious. Businesses and affiliates can therefore count on with the positive trends.


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